Burial Options at Foothills Gardens of Memory

Casket burial and casket entombment are the two most common options today; soon, green burial will be another option.

Casket burial involves placing the casket in a vault and lowering it into the ground. Vaults are required by most cemeteries since the early 1900‘s to keep the ground from sinking over time. Please see our vault selection or contact a cemetery counselor for more information at (303) 776-0202.

Some cemeteries offer double depth burial spaces called lawn crypts. These allow two burials in one preinstalled vault in one space. Foothills Gardens has plans to incorporate these units into the gardens.

Casket Entombment involves placing the casket in an above-ground unit called a crypt. Plans are in the works to add a Mausoleum Complex to Foothills Gardens of Memory. All families have the option of purchasing Private Family Mausoleums for placement at Foothills Gardens of Memory in their own Private Estate. Please contact a cemetery counselor for more details and pricing at (303) 776-0202.

Green Burial is sought after by those who would like a more natural or organic disposition. In the cemetery, land is designated for Green Burial where little maintenance occurs. Truly green burial gardens are not watered, mowed, sprayed for pests or fertilized. No machinery is used to dig the grave; which means personnel must do so by hand. Memorialization preferred in a green burial garden are boulders engraved with the loved ones name or planting a tree in memory of the individual.

Cremation Urns can also be buried in ground by utilizing a smaller vault.